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Wood Preservatives


We are the leading distributor of PILOT Wood Preservatives in Chhattisgarh

PILOT® - CCA wood preservative is used widely for providing protective coverage to woods against a fungus and insects. Further, the copper chrome arsenic offered by us is one of the best wood preservative and is considered as a most stable polymer. PILOT® -CCA Wood Preservative is used for timber treatment. It is a mix of copper, chromium, and arsenic formulated as oxides and salts. It preserves wood from decay fungi, wood attacking insects, including termites, and marine borers. It also improves the weather-resistance of treated timber and may assist paint adherence in the long term.

The chromium in CCA wood preservative acts as a chemical fixing agent and has little or no preserving properties. It helps the other chemicals to fix in the timber, binding them through chemical complexes to the wood’s cellulose and lignin. The copper acts primarily to protect the wood against decay fungi and bacteria, while the arsenic is the main insecticidal component of CCA.

CCA is widely used around the world as a heavy duty preservative, often as an alternative to creosote and pentachlorophenol which are being banned at present Other water-borne preservatives like CCA include alkaline copper quaternary compounds (ACQ), Copper azole (CuAz), ammonical copper zinc arsenate (ACZA), copper citrate, and copper HDO (CuHDO). CCA treated wood is not permitted to be used in residential or domestic constructions. It is permitted for use in various industrial and public works, such as bridges, highway safety fencing, electric power transmission and telecommunications poles.

Pilot is a concentrated wood preservative. The life os any wood, four pilot stops white ants, silver fishes & Various borers. Pilot remains inside the wooden surface as long as it not washed out by water. It gives full protection to your wooden furniture, building, godown, storage of yarns, clothes, cotton, rayon & other valuable documents etc.

Pilot is the only colourless, clear wood preservative used on new plywood, timber sheets, new furniture and walls can be added in oil paints, no need to add terentine. Injected in finished furniture Make your paint termite-proof buy adding pilot : you may add about 250ml for every litre of oil paint or any colour or primer. Immersion treatment: you can dip your finished goods or plywood for 3 minutes or so.